Metal Work-Today

Kim Chong Young Museum has held a variety of exhibition for a diverse range of artists in order to introduce different artistic genres along with sculptural exhibition. The invited program is the second program following <Soil, the imagination of substance> of 2007 that focuses on the materialistic of sculpture. As the new year of 2014 begins, this provides an opportunity to see the status of Korea’s metal sculpture and to highlight 33 metal work artists who are active in their own field using different experimental methods.

This exhibition focuses on the materialistic of steel (metal) in the industrial society of the 21st century, and it is a valuable opportunity to work with the alchemists who recreate the material into art works. Kim Chong Young Museum promises to communicate with the audience through the works of creative, passionate artists and their honest messages.

Attending artists

33 artists including Mugi Kim, Seil Kim, Suhak Kim, Yeon Kim, Jeonghee Kim, Juhwan Kim, Jun Kim, Hwanglok Kim, Jeomsu Na, Heungrok Do, Gyunhong Min, Taedong Park, Sukkyeong Byeon, Hancheol Shin, Byeonggeon Shim, Byeongcheol An, Jaehong An, Injong Won, Gillae Lee, Dongyong Lee, Sanggil Le, Sangbong Lee, Sangha Lee, Yunseok Lee, Junhyeok Jang, Sindeok Jeon, Yonghwan Jeon, Yeonhee Jeong, Hyeon Jeong, Songryeol Ju, Giseok Choi, Taehoon Choi, Seungnam Hong.