The Landscape of Wu Wei
2014.03.28(Fri) – 2014.06.01(Sun)

The third exhibition since 2012, Chong Young Kim’s is to explore the life-long influence of Taoist philosophy and its range of application in his work. This exhibition strives to study what wisdom can be drawn for us in the 21st century by interpreting Taoist philosophy, which is shown through his calligraphy and writing works.

Thus, this exhibition showcases his sculpture works which harmonizes the Western modernism and abstract sculpture with the attitude that “lets nature be”. This presents us with an opportunity to follow the footsteps of Chong Young Kim, whose endeavors centered on his Bulgak belief as well as to view the present world from his perspective. is a good example in which the life and works of the artist coincide. This exhibition will show the life and art of Chong Young Kim, who left behind his artist spirit, sculptural beauty of his work, and the philosophical reasoning for the next generation, and who is remembered as a milestone in Korea’s modern art. It will also be a great opportunity for the young generation of today to encounter the evermore honorable and passionate world of Chong Young Kim’s art.


Exhibition guide

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