Artist Today 2014
June 13. 2014 - July 31

One artist who focuses on sculptural research and creation is picked every year after thorough deliberation, and Kim Chong Young Museum holds exhibition for the artist. In 2014, the previous awardees recommended a pool of artist who went through internal review, and the winner was Jongku Kim who is a sculptor and a professor at Ewha Women’s University. His works are exhibited in Exhibition Room 1, 2, and 3 of Samiru.

Attending artists

Kim Jongku

Present professor at Ewha Women’s Univeresity
1996 M.A., Chelsea College of Art & Design, London
1993 M.A. Seoul National University Graduate School of Art, Sculpture study, Seoul
1988 B.A. Seoul National University, Major in Sculpture, Seoul


Exhibition guide

Exhibition preparation will be completed on Thursday, 6/12. It is opened on Friday, 6/13 with the opening ceremony and will continue until Thursday, 7/31.