1. I would like to know the location of and transportation to the museum in detail.


Kim Chong Yung Museum is located at 30 Pyeongchang 32-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea (postal code: 110-846).

You can obtain the directions to the museum by foot, public transportation, and car by searching for “Kim Chong Yung Museum” using smartphone map applications.


Public Transportation

– Get out of Gyeongbokgung subway station (orange; line no. 3) by exit no. 3 → get on bus no. 1711 or 1020 or

– Get out of Gwanghwamun subway station (purple; line no. 5) by exit no. 2 → get on bus no. 1711 or 1020.

Get off at Pyeongchang-dong Samsung Apartment bus stop, cross the street at the crosswalk, and go up the alley right next to the parking lot of Bugakjeong Isang Galbi (beef rib restaurant).

Then you will see the stairs to the entrance of Samiru, the new building with white walls on the left side of the hill.


– Get out of Gireum subway station (blue; line no. 4) by exit no. 3 → get on bus no. 7211.

Go through Bugak Tunnel in the Pyeongchang-dong area, get off at Pyeongchang-dong Lotte Apartment bus stop, and go up the alley right next to the parking lot of Bugakjeong Isang Galbi.


By car

Make an unprotected left turn immediately before the entrance to Bugak Tunnel (in the direction of Kookmin University), enter the alley between Yegang Cheongsu Dwaeji Galbi (pork rib restaurant) and Gim Yeong-hui Gangnam Dongtaejjim (steamed pollack restaurant), drive up for approximately 100 m, and you will encounter the three-way junction at the Bugak Rest Area.

Make a left turn at the three-way junction, drive through the bridge that appears immediately, and you will encounter the main gate of the museum, through which you can enter Bulgakjae (main building) and Café Samiru.


* As the museum has no separate parking lot, please make use of the surrounding space.

As for the detailed location, please check “Directions” and the “Location” map on the museum homepage.


Inquiries | Phone: 02-3217-6484

2. I would like to receive news of Kim Chong Yung Museum and exhibition information.

If you need news of Kim Chong Yung Museum or exhibition information, please apply by clicking on “Contact” on the ”Guide” menu of the museum homepage and entering your name and an e-mail address that you use often. Then you will be provided with a variety of news through the mailing service.

3. I would like to know how to use the Academic Resource Library.

Located in Bulgakjae, the main building of Kim Chong Yung Museum, the Academic Resource Library holds professional art books, is open to visitors upon reservation, and supports diverse academic events. Visitors from schools or non-profit organizations and for research purposes may use the library after making inquiries to the museum and making a reservation (phone: 02-3217-6484).

4. I would like to make use of the exhibition guide/museum docent service.

As for exhibitions currently under way, an exhibition guide is provided to student groups and adult groups consisting of five or more members after the representative or leader has made a request by phone (02-3217-6484) or e-mail (info@kimchongyung.com) and notified the museum of the number of visitors and the time of the visit,


However, for groups of 20 or more members, the representative or leader is cordially requested to notify the museum of the number of visitors and the time of the visit up to three days before the visit to ensure the protection of the artworks and the safety of the visitors.


5. I will visit the museum with children. Would it be possible for them to run about and play?

Toddlers and preschool children accompanied by guardians are not restricted from entering the museum for visits. However, loud conversations and running around inside the exhibition halls are strongly discouraged, and we cordially request that children are held onto while viewing the artworks. Please be careful to avoid safety accidents in both the outer courtyard of the museum and the garden of the outdoor exhibition hall of the main building so that youngsters may enjoy the viewing experience thanks to guardians’ attentive care.

6. I would like to know the business hours of Café Samiru.

Located inside Bulgakjae, the main building of Kim Chong Yung Museum, Café Samiru is open during 11:00-21:00 on Tuesday-Sunday. Though the café may not be used during the museum’s opening hours (10:00-11:00), it may be freely accessed through both the separate entrance next to the main building and the entrance from the outdoor exhibition hall during 18:00-21:00, when exhibitions are closed.