Veritas Agora | 2014 Summer Educational Program for the Youth
July 23 - August 13 2014

Location : Bulgakjae Seminar Room
Target : Students enrolled at Sunhwa Arts High School
Maximum Number : 20 persons
Time : 14:00 - 16:00

The museum will implement Kim Chong Yung Museum Program A “Veritas Agora” from July 23 to August 13, 2014.

Based on the value of “Art above All,” this lecture series will be conducted in four sessions in collaboration by Kim Chong Yung Museum, artists, art theorists, and art educators with their respective curricula and will serve as a meaningful opportunity for gauging changes in and the direction of contemporary art and broadening the future choices of young prospective artists.

We hope that the lecture series will serve as an occasion to share ideas with artists of tomorrow who harbor a keen interest in the novel and earnest questions on art.


Kim Chong Yung Museum

Sunhwa Arts High School

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